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Composite Fluid Transfer

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Temporary Transport

FiberFlex-11’s Quick Connect Couplings provide a lightweight, portable and temporary fluid transfer system. This unique connect design allows 30 foot joints to be installed in under 20 seconds and meets OSHA’s two man weight limit for a 30 foot joint of pipe.

Permanent Installations

Composite Fluid Transfer’s fusion process provides a seamless fit for permanent pipe applications. The pipe’s fused connection performance is on par when compared to standard HDPE pipe, yet it installs for a fraction of the cost, is less invasive and does not require bulky, expensive equipment. FiberFlex-11 excels in permanent installations whether laid above ground or buried.


FiberFlex-11 is the ideal pipe to move influent and effluent, such as water and air, to and from mining sites. The composite pipe, while flexible, can be made rigid by adjusting wrap angles in order to be hung from ceiling supports. An additional layer of installation can be added allowing FiberFlex-11 to withstand flash fire conditions.


FiberFlex-11 is an adaptable solution for municipal water bypass projects. The Quick Connect Couplings allow for time saving emergency and repair temporary by-passes of existing pipelines. The fused connection pipe is ideal for permanent water and sewage infrastructure projects. 

Industrial Refining

With the durability of polyethylene and strength of continuous glass fibers, FiberFlex-11 can withstand the elements and industrial jobsites. Therefore this composite pipe can replace any HDPE pipe currently being used in applications such as waterlines and outfall lines.